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Why Wallpaper Might Be The Solution To Your Home Design Woes—And Your Mood

By Emma Reynolds, contributor ForbesLife
March 2021

Wallpaper is nothing new, but it certainly has been a popular choice from homebound homeowners who sought to redo their spaces during quarantine.

For those who once preferred neutrals and naturally inspired materials and hues are realizing that staring at white and beige walls for nearly a year gets a little old. Amid lockdown from Covid-19, people are working from home, exercising at home and doing most things at home. This has caused many to redesign and reconsider the design of their spaces.

Interior designer Timothy Corrigan, who is based in Los Angeles and Paris, designs homes across the globe. Since the onset of Covid-19, he finds that color is one of the most requested things among his clients.

“The whole gray color scheme, or what designers call ‘greige,’ which is a mixture of gray and beige made popular by Restoration Hardware, could not be more dead in terms of what people are  asking for and where the design industry is going,” Corrigan tells Forbes. “Clients want  more jewel tones and saturated colors, which makes sense. You’re already sort of a little down and depressed that you can’t get out of the house and suddenly you’re surrounded by gray and beige. People want to infuse more life into their homes.”

Manuka Textiles Rift Wallpaper in Lapis Lazuli Blue

A beautiful textural look can be achieved in the home via Manuka Textiles unique hand-drawn, silk-screen wallpapers inspired by nature. Founded by Los Angeles-based textile designer Roxana Eslamieh, the wallpapers feature bold prints, cityscape- and nature-inspired designs and unique design schemes. The wallpaper is also created at a U.S. mill that uses 100% renewable, wind-powered electricity. 

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