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This Textile Designer Archives Everything—And We Mean Everything—With This Compact Scanner

Where Roxana Eslamieh works.

Visiting a person’s workspace is like taking a peek inside their brain. Whether it’s at home or in an art studio, Where I Work explores where creative people do all of their, well, creating—so that you can steal their on-the-clock style. 

Name: Roxana Eslamieh

Occupation: Textile designer at Manuka Textiles

Where I work: In my Los Angeles studio.

What time I start: 11 a.m.

What time I clock out: 8 p.m.

Three words that describe my space: Plants, textures, and airy.

The most important thing in my studio: A window.


What’s on the walls: Wallpaper! Plus drawings, color combinations, masks, and art.

My current creative fuel: Days off.

What I turn to when I’m stuck: Swimming.

How I stay organized: Vintage drawers.

Favorite pen: Using it now! Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Ball, Extra Fine.

Best notebook: Designworks Ink Vegan Leather Folio.

Technology I can’t live without: iPad.


Desk chair that I could (and do) spend hours in: Standing stool.

How I fight the 3 p.m. slump: Sunshine and wine.

Ideal office snack: Cheese and pineapple with Perrier.

Preferred soundtrack: Anything Giorgio Moroder.

Things I Can’t Work Without

I use this for multiple purposes, from rolling out wallpaper to hanging small overhead shots. 

Samsung T5 Portable External Drive, Amazon ($239)
It’s a powerful and small hard drive. I take a handful of these with me everywhere I go!

Epson Perfection V600 Scanner, Amazon ($229)
Best invention ever. Scanners. I tell you, I scan everything!

Rake Brass Chair, CB2 ($399)
This is where I go to think.

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