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Flower Power, Volume 2, 2021

Night Lotus was inspired by the sprawling vines of the pitaya plant

L.A. - based textile designer Roxana Eslamieh of Manuka Textiles recently launched her Botanical Mural Collections, inspired by the French impressionist tradition of plain air paintings. “The garden is magical—it acts as my escape from reality,” says Eslamieh. Using the overnight bloom as inspiration, the designer began drawing the winding plants that rule her garden, soon leading to the creation of “Night Lotus,” the first mural in the collection. “Nature provides colors and shapes that are abundant and forever inspiring, “she explains. “My ultimate goal has been to bring these aspects into the home through my artistic endeavors.” The collection will continue growing  through time, with new murals releasing seasonally. Up next is a beautiful interpretation of the kelp forest along the California coast. “It will be drawn with a looser hand,” add the visionary, ‘using watercolor to define the more ethereal nature of its movements underwater.”


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