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Design Theory: For the Love of Shibori Textile Dyeing & Printer Banding

We love drawing connections between "old" and "new" world techniques in our designs. In a cosmic kismet, I had a printer malfunction which created banding on my photo, similar to that of Shibori dyeing effects. Et voila! Inspiration.

A commonality exists between the disjointed "old" and "new" world techniques - a push and a pull, a tension and a heritage that is revealed by happenstance.
In early designs, we took a brayer to ink, rolling it out until it lost it's impression on this world. Here, we discover the abstract visions that exist in the fossils of the ink.

I am a victim of Pareidolia (seeing patterns in random data). As a child of the popcorn ceiling, (which is quickly going extinct! - hmm...should it make a comeback??), where can I now cast my gaze to find constantly morphing patterns? A malfunctioning printer, an idiosyncrasy of modern life, is where I find myriad inspiration for design. 
Our Shibori Banding wallpaper is a vision of two disconnected worlds, that of the old--shibori textile dyeing and that of the new--a printer mishap called banding. The result is a very-pleasing-to-the-eye aesthetic juxtaposition formed from old and new, the effect of a push and pull technique, and an experience for the viewer to search and discover! For these reasons alone, we love our Shibori Banding Wallpaper :)

Shibori Banding Wallpaper comes in the following colorways:
Metallic Gold on Blush Pink, Azurite Blue, Bone White, and Matte Black.
About the Author:
Sofia is a brightly painted jaguar that runs through your dreams, finding refuge in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

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