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Tips & Tricks: Spring Glow (For Your Home)

Spring comes around and we all rush to add a bit of rouge and bronzer to get that sunbathed glow.

Why not do the same for the walls in your home? We’ve artfully crafted a collection of Spring Glow silk screened wallpapers that instantly transform your space into the fresh, clean and creative atmosphere you’ve been craving.

Make it fresh! Light, bright wallpapers are an easy match to white accent walls and a rotating array of spring floral arrangements and home decor. Give dimension by layering your space with lustrous shades of white, opening up your mind, body, and soul. Pictured Above, Spinning Top Silk Screened Wallpaper, Tritone Metallics on Bone White.

Keep it bright! Looking for that year round rosy glow? Take a drab space in your home and imbue it with warmth by adding a bright wallpaper with shades of gold, rose gold, and champagne silver. Much like mirrors, Rainbow Eucalyptus Tritone on Swan White can expand a room past its four wall confines through its reflective and luminous properties.

 Make a feature wall! Galleries may traditionally have plain white walls, but the boldest of curators are starting to experiment with fun and energetic backdrops. Use Manuka’s Spring Glow wallpapers to turn your space into an expressive and dynamic gallery environment. Pictured above, Prismatic Wallpaper, Pastels and Metallic Gold on Swan White.


Check out these sweet tips & tricks to infuse your space with that coveted spring glow:

New & Bright
Add a new and bright element to your decor

Just a Lil' Vintage
Get to a consignment store and nab an artwork that intrigues you.

Surreal or Unreal
A sculpture or object that transcends time and space.

Fresh and Colorful!
A vase filled with flowers. If you want to experiment with color, this is your chance to go crazy!

This combination causes the stars to align and revitalizes your home in a bath of fresh spring glow!

Need some more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board “Spring Glow” where we’ve hand picked our favorite hot items on the market right now to pair seamlessly with our Spring Glow Collection. Hopefully, this will give you the necessary motivation to transform your lodging into the peaceful alcove you covet.

Pictured Above, Rift Silk Screened Wallpaper, Metallic Gold on Bone White.

Check out the Collection
Spring Glow

Keep it fresh friends!

About the Author:
Zoë is a hummingbird who zips through the twisting streets of Los Angeles, the only time she can be seen is when she stops to smell the flowers.

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